There is a parable in the Bible about the farmer that sowed good seeds, but while everyone was sleeping the enemy came and planted weeds. The weeds couldn’t be pulled up or removed immediately because it would negatively impact the good seeds. Therefore, for a season, the weeds grew with the crop. Then, there a came a time that the weeds were harvested, bound, and burned. What remained was the good crop.

I related this parable with my life, to your life. When I was conceived, I believe my life was purely good. Yet, as I began to grow up there was a mix of good and bad that happened. This mix created the adult person that I became. Even the extremely traumatizing experiences, created in me perseverance and an innate ability to compartmentalize. You may have heard that term used as a negative – a defense mechanism; however, in this article about entrepreneurs, Forbes discusses the positive aspect of being able to deal with conflicting standpoints simultaneously in business.

I tried moving on and ignoring the weeds in my life. I thought pretending it wasn’t there would somehow make the present better. I found out that ignoring it, letting the weeds continue to grow, would impact my life in catastrophic ways I never anticipated; my parenting ability, failed marriages, and friendships.

I also tried pulling out the weeds myself. But, who would try to build and program a mobile application without knowing how to code? I didn’t have the skills or tools. I finally came to a point in my life that I had to reach out for help. In this crossroads, I decided I wanted to keep the good and burn the weeds. It’s through this personal experience with therapists, support groups, healing workshops, friends, and soul searching that I began to heal. I had to deal with the weeds or the weeds were going to overtake my life.

I want to help others. I believe I can. I can help you deal with “what’s holding you back?” Let me walk though this journey with you.

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