As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that people respond to similar situations in different ways. For instance, when faced with what seems like an overwhelming task, I’ve met people that get paralyzed and need help moving ahead. I have also met people that avoid it. And, then, there are others that can see a path but can’t seem to move forward. And still, others that forge ahead without much resistance. It’s interesting how everyone works differently. Whenever I face something that seems overwhelming, I break it down into bite-size steps that I know I can accomplish to gain momentum in the right direction.

So, when I felt overwhelmed by adding time every day to devote to prayer and reading the Bible, I decided I needed to start somewhere. The journey started by writing in a daily prayer journal. I wrote the verse of the day, any revelation that I had about the scripture, my prayer, and then a motto for the day. I didn’t set out to do it quite like that but soon it naturally happened. I continued to do this every morning, at first for only a few minutes and gradually increased the time more and more over the course of a year. I found myself facing each day with a different, fresher perspective. Even when things didn’t go “right,” my reactions were less dramatic. I had a sense of calm, a peace.

One morning, a question popped into my mind. Were there other people who felt too busy also? Could this help them like it helped me? I had this sense that it could.  It was at that moment the idea for Don’t Forget Your Breakfast was born. I wanted to encourage other people to start somewhere. I pulled out my prayer journals from the last year and started writing for Day 1. I broke it down into a bite-size piece: a scripture reference, a prayer, and a proclamation. Then, the next day, I did the same thing. Before I knew it I had a month-long devotional that would take 5 minutes or less each day.

With the continued encouragement and support of family, friends, and co-workers, on March 1st, I published a paperback and Kindle version of the devotional. I don’t want you to miss out on an important part of your day because you feel too busy.

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