I heard the saying that action speaks louder than words my whole life. Maybe it was growing up in the Midwest. Maybe it was living in rural America where people farmed, ranched and worked from dawn until night. Every adult from my grandparents to teachers told me that actions were what mattered most. I guess that’s probably why now I’m categorized as a “fixer.”

I prefer the term problem solver. It’s what I do. The fact that I can find a solution in even the most complicated of circumstances is why I have succeeded in my career. It’s also why even though my personal turmoil I didn’t completely fall apart. An action was going to fix it, so I read, researched, and put together a plan.

The one thing that I didn’t count on is that being a “fixer” would negatively impact those I love. If I was always scooping in fixing the problem, then how could others learn? Boom. Slap. Boom. And, that’s the downfall of being a problem solver! I could make the transition in the office; coach, teach, and mentor team members while allowing them to come up with solutions and without micro-managing. Personally, though, yikes.  It just didn’t occur to me as a parent to wear my “manager” hat at home. I’m learning that sometimes I need to do the opposite of what seems natural. Stand back and let my husband, daughters or friends figure things out for themselves. It certainly gives me more time to do things!

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