The holiday season brings to mind happy thoughts and fun times.  I enjoy the singing of Christmas songs, decorating the house and shopping to find that extra special gift; though, the honest truth is that it is also really stressful.  From the money perspective to dealing with random people the holiday season brings with it anxiety to many including me.

If you are dealing with any of these issues this time of year, you are not alone!

  • The money crunch
  • More hours at work (especially if you work in retail) or a time burden to get things done before the holiday break
  • Travel plans and the money crunch (did I already mention money!)
  • Desire, but inability to see family & friends (due to distant, death, etc.)
  • Or, how about dealing with those relatives that you can normally avoid

The list could go on forever, however you get the drift.  Be honest with yourself about how you are feeling.  Be realistic with your expectations of yourself. Sometimes I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed. I probably will not get everything accomplished that I’d like to; hey, that’s all okay.  Once I put a name to how I’m feeling, I can usually figure out quickly why I feel that way which is the best way to then deal with it.

I’d like to leave you with one reminder: Enjoy life, take your time.  You can never get this year back.

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