As the youngest of three, I wasn’t the one with the “responsibility” of planning special days like Mother’s Day.  I participated of course, however the oldest Colby shined on these days.  She was spectacularly creative and always knew just what to get Mom. This year is the fourth year where on Mother’s Day I am my Mom’s only living child.  I’m just going to say, it sucks.  Ok, maybe that isn’t the right word. It is difficult because I live 1500 miles away and have to plan ahead to do something cool on a budget. Plus, planning this Mother’s Day in particular brings a rush of emotions about missing my siblings.

My father and brother passed away six years ago, and my sister just two years Miss Youlater.  Even after several years, I have moments like this one where I wish I could talk to them.  I wish I could ask for advice, because I feel a heightened responsibility to make sure my Mom understands how much she is loved and was loved.  I realize more and more every year that the intense grief does get better, but I’ll always miss them.

To make the process of shopping for Mother’s Days gifts more manageable, I focus on a few key items.  I hope this list helps someone who is also dealing with similar emotions.

  1. Clothing – For Mom’s that aren’t big shoppers, surprising her with some stylish outfits or accessories are always good choices.
  2. Care Package – Make mom feel like a kid again by putting together a package of her favorite treats and mail it days in advance.
  3. Hand Made Items – Regardless of your age, a mother treasures gifts made with love like a picture framed collage of photos or a grandkid’s work of art.  I love this idea about making a book and then writing a message on the first page.

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