As I googled today, I found articles on brides writing about never having the chance to walk down the aisle arm in arm with their father.   I read a few articles, and I realized for me it’s not about that particular moment.  I’ve been married before.  My dad walked me down the aisle.  I had the father & daughter dance once.  It is an amazing memory, yet here I am wishing I could have that moment now.  It’s different.  I’m older, hopefully wiser.   I feel privileged to have experienced those memories with my father, but I wish my dad was here to meet the man who changed my life upside down.  The man that made me not only consider but want to getting married again.

Whether it’s the first time or not, a dad (or father figure) is an important part of a wedding.   I’ve read a variety of ideas on honoring missing loved ones on the big day.  I think I get the most out of just knowing others understand the feeling.  Here’s a couple that touched my heart.

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