It’s been 5 years.  The thing is this; you can grieve, work through the grief to a place of acceptance, continue living.  In doing all those things, you don’t forget.  You still get emotional.  Every year I think that I’ve got it under control. By “it” I mean my emotions. I think to myself, “This year I’m not going to cry.” Each year I cry.  My daughter asked me about my special Father’s Day memories with my dad.  I couldn’t remember any.  I have several heart felt memories, however I couldn’t remember a single one from Father’s Day.  Maybe that’s why this day is emotional.  I don’t have any more Father’s Days to make up for the ones that I didn’t appreciate as a kid.

I know all of the positive twists.  I’m going to stop feeling sorry for myself in a minute. I just needed to be real about dealing with today.

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