Well, my goal of writing more in 2015 hasn’t happened, yet!  I still have the rest of the year to make a come back.  Here’s my first post about the move.

We packed up in freezing, snowing weather.  Then, we drove across country in a pick-up and U-haul truck that was towing a car.  Some of the roads and curves were scary!  Once we got to the Bay Area, we found out that the closing on our new place had been delayed.  Emotions were running high with lack of sleep, being cramped in a small space for days and then not being able to move in for over a week.  Thankfully a good friend flew out to help us clean and move just in time!

I had accounted for the fact that I’d be tired and all that jazz.  I didn’t realize how long it would take to get my energy back and actually adjust.  March was rough, but in a light at the end of the tunnel kind of way. It’s still kind of a weird feeling … like I’m on vacation instead of living here.

This month marks the 5th year anniversary of my father and brother passing away.  Being here reminds me that life does move forward.  I don’t have to feel guilty about being happy.  That one is a little easier said than done, but it’s true!  I’m really trying to embrace living each and every day.

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