The summer of 2014 was full of change.  I’m overwhelmed with emotion when I realize just how much.  It’s a rush of joy, tinge of sadness at letting go and hope for the future.  Sounds corny saying that aloud!  It’s true though.

I wish I would have written more throughout the process.  I got so caught up in the journey, and I forgot to take the time to record it!  My life is FAR from perfect, however it has felt good living, really living it.   I encourage you to start the process of taking care of yourself.  Find your way.  Find your passion.  Live.

CaliMy goal for 2015 is to write more.  I want to be able to look back in December and read all about this unknown road of relocating across the country.  Yes, I said relocating.  Moving from the Midwest to the West Coast.  I know.  It’s expensive out there.  It’s funny how everyone in the Midwest says that…how about all that sunshine!  I guarantee you there have been plenty of times over the course of a killer winter that I would have paid good money for sunshine!  I also find it humorous that people on the West Coast talk about it being a lifestyle.  I get it, but  I just wish everyone would appreciate that people are different, we like different climates…and there isn’t that one and only perfect place.

Over the next year, I want to share about other experiences too.  I’m excited about each day.  As I become more dedicated to writing and sharing.  I hope that you will join my journey.

See you soon!


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