I’m not sure why I waited so long to write an update.  There has been so much change going on that I guess I couldn’t really wrap my head around it to write.  I still don’t think I’ve totally grasped everything, but writing about it is a good start.

It was 2 years ago today that I started writing here.  I haven’t been very consistent, but it really wasn’t about that anyway.  I thought I might stop, but recently someone told me they read my blog and it made an impact.  I didn’t know anyone ever read this, ha! After two years maybe I’m ready to let my friends know about it…

After such a long time between posts, I thought I’d start this month out with an update on my TLC Me Mission. Here goes:

One of my motivation factors has been that I will turn 40 during July. I started with walking for exercise, however I still wasn’t eating very healthy.  In March, I decided to take the step of paying for help. I purchased an online/mobile subscription to Weight Watchers.  It has helped me with my food choices tremendously.  My biggest challenge is wine…man, does it use up a lot of points!  I’ve lost 23 pounds so far! Although being at a healthy weight is important, my goal has always been to focus on taking better care of myself and overall being happy. I feel like that’s a better goal than just a number on a scale.

During this TLC Me mission process, a major changed happened.  I realized that I needed to end my long term relationship.  I’ll have to hold that story for another day or never.  The overall point though is that when you start taking care of yourself you gain a different perspective.  A fresh new outlook on life emerges.  I realized that not taking care of myself was a symptom of a bigger issue.  I had to put into practice my motto – deal and move on… to make room for life’s possibilities.

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