This was the post I started in September:

I started out walking 1.8 miles.  First by myself, then with my dogs.  Finally, my next door neighbor decided to join.  I love my dogs, however it’s really nice having a friend participate in the morning workout.  I normally begin with a little grumpiness (I am not a morning person!), but hey at least I’m getting my butt out of bed.  It’s not all roses, people.  No pain, no gain.  Ugh, it is true…ok, back to the topic.  I’m up to 3.3 miles at least 4 times a week!

Well, unfortunately, I’ve gotten off track.  I let myself get derailed by life.  It’s ok.  I don’t have to go all the way back to the beginning.  I also don’t have to punish myself by feeling guilty.  It happens, right?  I have to believe it does to other people too.  I’m writing to encourage myself, to encourage you.  DON’T GIVE UP!  You can do it.  Just pick yourself up.  Get yourself out of bed or off the couch, and get moving.

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