I’ve realized that somewhere along the way I stopped “taking care of myself.”  I use to hate it when I heard that phrase. However, it’s really true.  I can’t help others, until I’ve investing time and energy helping myself.

I started this TLC-ME mission a few months ago.  Before I wrote about it, I wanted to make sure I was serious.  I didn’t want to start and stop it all in 3 months and feel the backlash of just being another person that talked a lot of smack about getting in shape and then dropped the ball.

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This picture is from one of my morning walks.  There is beauty all around.  You just have to be willing to look.

I realized over the last week.  I am SERIOUS.  I want to work on me – inside and out!  This is about my journey: the hiccups, joyful moments, and the perseverance.  Let’s do this!

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