When you are the youngest of three, you aren’t the one with the “responsibility” of these special days fell on (or not in my family).  I participated of course, however the oldest Colby shined on these days.  This year was the first anniversary of Colby’s death, and on this Mother’s Day I am the only living child.  I’m just going to say, it sucks.  Ok, maybe that isn’t the right word. It is extremely difficult because I know regardless what I do, I can’t take the sadness out of my mother’s eyes.  She is the only one that can deal with her grief.  I’m still very happy to have the privilege of celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mom.

On the other side, this was the 3rd year of Father’s Day without my dad.  Maybe that’s why I feel so much pressure about Mother’s Day.  Food for thought.

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