I guess for some people prepaying for your funeral expenses seems morbid. STOP!  Instead think about your family and how you planning for that unexpected day could be an amazing gift.

One of the best gifts my dad gave me was planning financially for the funeral.  He not only purchased a plan to pay for his funeral expenses; he also bought a plan for my brother and sister.  No one expected to use all 3 plans so soon.

I’m not sure I would have been able to handle the planning process of each of the funerals without this timely gift.  The grief, stress, and just overwhelming emotions of the moment make planning a funeral so difficult.  To this day, I look back and say “I wish I’d have done XYZ at the funeral” or “I didn’t get up and saying anything during the service, I wish I would have said ___.”  There are no “do overs” for funerals.  You do the best you can at the time.  Not having to deal with the biggest financial burden relieved a large portion of the stress involved with the funerals.  Yes, there were a few extra expenses, but overall it helped tremendously.

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