After experiencing significant loss over the last 2 years, I learned that coping with the grief comes in many forms.

1.  I became more appreciative of certain things that although I might not be able to blow off my daily responsibilities to explore the world I can take time to “smell the roses.”

2.  Crying randomly and without notice just happens, don’t fight it.  Let it out.  Seriously.  Sometimes I will be driving down the road and all of a sudden a thought pops in my head…and I think, wow, I wish I could talk to _______ about that…and then realize, I can’t because I can’t reach them by phone anymore 🙁

3.  Life goes on and going thru the motions of the everyday grind helps even if it seems “fake” at the time.

4.  Forgetfulness happens.  I’ve always been proud of my memory.  It was just that one thing I could count on…I didn’t have to write it down or take notes.  I would remember.  Not right now.  Stress effects your memory.  I had to “cut myself some slack” and start writing information down.  There’s a lot going on, and I can’t beat myself up over forgetting something.

5.  Let it go.  When I get overwhelmed with having a pity party about losing my dad, brother and sister, I have to tell myself I still have my mom, my daughter, and many other family & friends.  I refocus on them instead.  I can’t let myself stay in that moment too long.  It’s ok to have a good cry (see #2), but then you have to refocus.

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