Harley was there when Colby passed away.  I don’t know how dogs think, but I’m sure it must have been confusing for your master, caretaker not to wake up.  A friend kept Harley for a couple of days until my mom and I could make the trip.  I hadn’t planned on keeping Harley even though my daughter helped pick Harley out when Colby got him.

HImagee was a little dog with lots of energy, and we already have two cats and a dog. I cried every time I thought about giving him to one of Colby’s closest friends.  I knew she would take great care of him.  I thought, “I can do this, we don’t need another dog,” and then I’d cry some more.  Finally, my family said – why not, you can keep him if you want to.  That’s all it took!

I’m so glad we kept him. Having Harley puts a little more bounce in each step.  I smile a little more each day.  It’s a happy reminder of Colby.  Everyday, I look at Harley and am reminded of how dogs thru all adversity keep moving on.  They don’t let the past effect them.  Sometimes, you just need to have a short term memory!  Let the hurt go and embrace the present.

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