I’ll never forget my daughter’s scream that day.  By the tone in her voice I knew something was really wrong.  I called a friend and asked her to come over immediately.  I told my daughter to dial 911 while I went downstairs to check on Dad.  I knew when I opened the door that he was gone already.  I didn’t want her to hear me tell the 911 operator, so I had her go outside to wait for the ambulance.

I just kept telling myself “you can’t breakdown, you can’t breakdown, you have to take care of everything.”  I was the one suppose to be taking care of my dad.  The weight of letting everyone down that trusted me to take care of him floated above me.  The idea of calling people was too overwhelming.  Friends made the calls.  The whirlwind going on around me felt like a dream.  My dad had been in “bad” health for several years.  I just thought we’d have more time with him.  I wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet.  Regardless, it was his time to go.  Now to make the funeral arrangements…

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