“Something’s wrong with Papa!!!!” – This is the scream I heard from my 15 year old daughter.  It was the most frightening scream.  Slapping the smile from my face immediately.

Where’s my head at prior to the scream?

I’m starting to get out of the house (I work from home) several times a week to walk.  It’s great feeling the sun on my body.  The sun energizes me!  Whether it’s walking the dog in the early morning or meeting a co-worker on my lunch hour to walk around the pond, I’m enjoying some self satisfaction that I’m doing something to get in shape.  I hate the gym.  I’ve had a membership for years.  I just can’t get myself to go consistently.  I think this being outside in the sun is going to work for me.  With my daughter being in and out of the hospital for the last 4 months, I am in need of some “take care of me” time.

My daughter just finished working with her school tutor.  Since I’m about to go for my walk, she decides to go downstairs to hang out with her Papa.  That’s when I heard her scream.

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