What a crazy 2 and a half years!  It’s seems unbelievable.  Here’s a brief run down.

  • January 2010 – daughter get’s ill
  • May 2010 – father passes away
  • June 2010 – brother commits suicide
  • August 2010 – our Ford truck burns down in our drive way
  • August 2010 – daughter has a minor one car wreck, but car is a total loss due to air bag deployment (a week after the truck fire)
  • January 2011 – after numerous 3-14 day hospital admissions, daughter is admitted for 31 days
  • Most of 2011  – doctor’s visits and trying to find alternative treatments for daughter
  • October 2011 – daughter takes GED to graduate early (would have graduated in 2013)
  • November 2011 – daughter has minor wreck (rear ends another car), other car minimal bumper damage, her car was totaled
  • January 2012 – daughter moves to college to live in dorms
  • March 2012 – sister passes away unexpectedly
  • May 2012 – daughter admitted twice to hospital, did complete first semester of college

I realize that I’m not the only person that has experienced difficulty in her life.  I know that what I’ve experienced over the last 2 years doesn’t seem to happen so “mushed up” together to one family.  There’s got to be someone out there that all of this can help.  Hell, maybe several people…in the middle of one of the many events that I’ve gone thru.     I’ll post about each one over the next few months.  Probably randomly, bare with me.  This is my first time writing about the events.

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